2018 Honda Pilot Comparison

2018 Honda Pilot Comparison

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Comparing the 2018 Honda Pilot to the Competition

At Allen Honda, we know that there are a lot of choices in the mid-size SUV category, and we want to help you make the decision about which SUV is right for your family. We can show you all of the features of the 2018 Honda Pilot so that you can see what it offers, and we can tell you how these features compete with top models from other manufacturers. While popular competitors like the Toyota 4Runner and Chevrolet Traverse offer a lot of qualities that customers love, they can't seem to reach the bar set by the 2018 Honda Pilot.

The 2018 Honda Pilot Versus the 2018 Toyota 4Runner

When you want a comfortable ride, the 2018 Honda Pilot will be a better bet than the 4Runner. The 4Runner continues to use the body-on-frame design that most SUVs have moved away from, which makes the ride much less comfortable. Continuing on with some out dated features, the 4Runner only has a five-speed automatic transmission, while the 2018 Honda Pilot features a nine-speed automatic.

Each of these models come with one engine option, but the engine in the 2018 Honda Pilot packs more power than the engine of the 4Runner. Power is important in an SUV because it helps to get you moving - and to keep you moving - when your vehicle is loaded with people and gear. More power means less chances of feeling a lack of acceleration when you get onto a highway.

The 2018 Honda Pilot Versus the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse

Passengers will be more comfortable in the 2018 Honda Pilot than the Traverse. Offering a third row as standard, the Honda Pilot can accommodate more passengers, but you will need to pay to include it on the Traverse, hiking up the price. If your passengers like reclining rather than having to sit in one position for a whole journey, you'll want the reclining middle and rear seats of the Honda Pilot, the Traverse only lets the front and middle rows recline.

Continuing to prove its interior superiority, the Honda Pilot comes with up to 109 cubic feet of cargo space, compared to the 98.5 cubic feet of the Traverse, making it better equipped for a trip. What also makes it more capable on a road trip is the availability of all-wheel drive on any trim of the Honda Pilot, the Traverse only allows for it to be on the most expensive models.

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