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Honda Accord: Convenient, Comfortable, Engaging

The Honda Accord’s long track record of success and reliability has made it a frontrunner in the American sedan market. Generations of drivers have counted on the midsize car for its safety and versatility, and Honda has always backed up its value with outstanding performance and efficiency.

Ever since the arrived in the U.S. in the 1970s, Honda has continually researched new ways to improve their iconic sedan. The modern Accord is equipped with state-of-the-art driver assistance and entertainment technology, and it runs on the latest in Honda’s celebrated engineering. While you can spot an Accord nearly anywhere you go, each one is unique thanks to its wide variety of available features and boundless customizability.

If you would like to experience the difference that Honda can make, we invite you to here in College Station. At Allen Honda, we can show you all this popular sedan’s features across its dynamic trim range. Our knowledgeable automotive professionals can also speak with you about your needs and interests, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions. While you’re here, you can even take the Accord for a test drive.

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What to Expect in The 2020 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord received a complete redesign back in 2018. The always reliable Honda Accord, however, still comes through in the 2020-year model by stepping up its game in the realm of entertainment. With a feature-loaded infotainment system, you and your passengers will be entertained for many hours on the road in the 2020 Accord.

Another aspect to look forward to in the 2020 Accord is the spacious cabin that has been equipped with lavish materials. Along with the many amenities to appreciate from the outside in, a feature favorite that drivers are sure to enjoy is the athletic maneuverability of this incredible sedan. Experience all that the 2020 Honda Accord has to offer today!

History of the Honda Accord

The Accord’s American debut could not have come at a more crucial time in the automotive industry. When it first pulled onto U.S. roadways in 1976, the nation was gripped with a monumental gas crisis, and drivers were desperately seeking relief from the high cost of fuel and inefficient engines of the day. The Accord’s game-changing gas mileage was an instant hit.

As the Accord became a familiar site in the U.S., Honda continued to update and adapt their car to the changing demands of the market. It has always retained its trademark fuel economy while sporting an increasingly streamlined silhouette. The car’s interior combines a soft, supportive ride with innovative technology, and the Accord remains a go-to vehicle for commuters, families, and drivers of all tastes.

We Have the Accord at Allen Honda

We would love to help you drive home in the Accord, so come see us at Allen Honda whenever you’re ready to get behind the wheel. At our dealership, we’ll help you pick out the perfect model and trim within , and we’ll do it for a price that works with your budget. You can also take a look at our to make these high-value vehicles even more affordable!

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