How to Know if Your Battery is Dying

Our team at Allen Honda wants to help you always know what is going on with your vehicle. We frequently hear about how drivers didn’t know that their battery was on the way out, so we want to make sure you can see the signs, being able to react before you are stuck with a dead battery near Navasota.

The Signs of a Dead Battery

There are a lot of signs to look for when determining if your battery is dying. The most obvious is the engine turning over slowly. Many people think the alternator provides all of the power for your vehicle, but it is entirely up to the battery to start your vehicle. If this happens to you, you should quickly get your vehicle to our service center in College Station, TX to replace the battery because there is no telling how many starts you have left.

Other signs of a dead battery include problems with electrical components, a warning light on your dashboard, a swollen battery case, or a weird smell (kind of like rotten eggs). If you experience any of these in your vehicle near Bryan, be sure to take the short trip to our dealership.

We Encourage you to Visit Our Dealership Soon

Our team will take all of the time to help with any of your automotive needs, keeping you confident when you are behind the wheel. If you have any questions about something you think is strange in your vehicle, it is easy to contact our team for an answer! We look forward to seeing you – or hearing from you – soon to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

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