A Newly Discovered Battery Chemistry with Up to Ten-Times the Energy Density of Lithium Batteries? Yes, Please!

A new battery chemistry breakthrough has just occurred, and it's all thanks to collaborative efforts of the Honda Research Institute, California Institute of Technology, and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. What does this mean for the future of batteries? With these new batteries possibly powering our devices, the future may have just gotten a whole lot brighter for the Bryan area.


Opposed to Lithium batteries, these new batteries offer high-density capabilities that may be able to accommodate the growing energy storage needs of the Navasota area residents and beyond. The fluoride-based batteries address the overheating issues and dangers of Lithium batteries.

If that wasn't enough, Caldwell drivers will feel better knowing that the materials for fluoride batteries take a considerably smaller toll on the environment than the extraction process for lithium and cobalt. With the potential of a cleaner, more powerful high-energy battery electrochemistry, Brenham drivers can begin to imagine how their day-to-day lives will change, especially in regard to driving.

The scientists working on these batteries found a way past the obstacle that former fluoride batteries presented. By discovering how to have a fluoride battery operate at a low temperature, they unlocked it's potential to store up to ten times the amount of energy than current lithium batteries do since fluoride batteries have a lower atomic weight.


It's exciting to imagine how this discovery could change the lives of drivers in the Madisonville area, but it's also exciting to see what current innovations Honda currently offers. This breakthrough reflects Honda's dedication to finding solutions to minimize the impact on the environment for everyone and not just the Honda drivers of the Huntsville area.

With a lineup of environmentally conscious models, there's plenty of current opportunities to drive cleaner and go further. Come to our location in College Station to see what cutting-edge features Honda vehicles offer that matter most to you!

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