Comparing the 2018 Honda Accord in College Station to the Camry

Two iconic vehicles, one choice.  You may be stuck between the 2018 Honda Accord in College Station and the 2018 Toyota Camry, but there are plenty of reasons why the Accord is the clear choice.  Not only was the 2018 Honda Accord voted Kelley Blue Book’s 2018 Best Buy Overall Car Winner*, but the Accord also has…

Safer Safety

The 2018 Honda Accord uses vehicle speed sensors and seat sensors when deploying airbags.  In some cases, the Honda Accord’s airbags will deploy at a fraction of the force, or not at all, if it may further harm the occupant.  For example, if a child is leaning against the door when a crash occurs, the side airbags will deploy at a fraction of the force to prevent further injury.  Going ever further, the Accord has a driver alert monitor which can detect an inattentive driver.  The driver alert monitor will alert the driver and suggest a break if it detects erratic driving or the vehicle consistently starts moving out of the lane.  The Toyota Camry does not have smart side airbags or a driver alert monitor.

Transmission Options

For those that love the thrill of having complete control of the vehicle, the 2018 Honda Accord still offers manual transmission options.  The 2018 Toyota Camry does not have manual transmission.  Even on the automatic transmissions, the 2018 Honda Accord has a standard 10-speed transmission on the Accord 2.0 turbo 4 cyl. model.  The Camry only goes up to 8-speed.  The Honda Accord also has a standard continuously variable transmission (CVT).  This transmission system has no “steps” between gears and can keep the engine at its most efficient speed for fuel economy while also maintaining its maximum horsepower indefinitely for maximum acceleration.  The Toyota Camry does not have CVT.

Bigger Passenger and Cargo Space

The Accord is a more comfortable ride for your passengers with 5.2 cubic feet more passenger volume than the Camry.  For your cargo, the Accord has a larger trunk with 16.7 cubic feet compared to 15.1 cubic feet on the Camry.  The Accord also has standard folding rear seats to accommodate larger cargo.  The Camry L does not offer folding rear seats. 

Still deciding between the 2018 Honda Accord in College Station and the 2018 Toyota Camry?  Come see us at Allen Honda, your College Station Honda dealer and take a test drive of the 2018 Honda Accord.  You’ll be able to see for yourself why the Accord is better than the Camry.

*For more information, visit Kelley's Blue Book at  Kelly Blue Book is a registered trademark of Kelly Blue Book Co., Inc.

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