Honda Oil Filters in College Station, TX

An important part of an oil change is getting a new oil filter put into your vehicle. At Allen Honda, we make sure to use Honda OEM oil filters to ensure they will always perform how they should. Many people don’t know what an oil filter does, but we are here to let you know!

It is helpful to know what oil does in an engine before being able to see how the filter works; oil keeps your engine lubricated so that it doesn’t overhead from friction, and it can pick up contaminates along the way. The oil filter makes sure these contaminates do not recirculate back into the engine. When you have an oil filter that is new, it will be able to stop more debris than one that is clogged up, which is why it is important to get oil changes done at regular intervals. A sure way to know if you need an oil change near Bryan or Huntsville is if your engine is running louder than normal, or if it is making a knocking noise.

Our team only uses genuine Honda oil filters because they have proven themselves to be reliable and dependable. There are many off-brand or aftermarket parts that you can choose, but they probably won't work as well as one straight from the same manufacturer as your vehicle.

We look forward to seeing you soon so that we can get your Honda model running its best. We have helped many customers from the Navasota and Brenham areas, and we are sure that we can help you too!

Being such a short ride from Madisonville, we encourage you to visit us soon!

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