Top Three Car Maintenance Items You Should Focus on For Spring Service

As you set out to clean your house for spring cleaning, we encourage you to take time to focus on your car as well.

Colder weather, dirtier roads, and unforeseen bumps can cause damage to our vehicles and can make driving both more difficult and more risky. Safe yourself time and potentially a costly fix by proactively getting your car serviced this spring. We recommend starting with:

#1: Tire Rotation & Alignment

With pothole season upon us, your car is at an elevated risk of misaligning its tires. Bumps and severe depressions can cause your wheels to twist and turn and can cause your tires to deflate, wear on certain sides, and even puncture in some cases.

Misaligned or uninflated tires can case driving difficulty and even accidents. This spring, make this one of the first service items you have checked to ensure you drive smoothly and safely for longer.

#2: Battery Check

Even though severe winter temperatures aren't common in Texas, we do experience fluctuation. This sudden rise and fall in temperatures can cause car batteries to swell and leak which can lead to corrosion and other internal problems.

If your battery is malfunctioning, your car may alert you to the problem, but more often than not you will notice slower starts and a churning sound when you ignite the engine.

#3: Air Filter Check & Replacement

To function correctly and efficiently, your engine needs to draw on external air to get the pistons moving. This air is filtered through the engine air filter to ensure particles and road debris don’t enter and cause scratches and gunked up areas.

In the winter months, as mud, dirt, and occasionally road salt coat the roads, your undercarriage may draw up extra material that can clog the air filter and can lead to smoke and odor, lower mileage, and even ignition issues.

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