Have The Best Fall Tablescape With These Inspiring Decorations

October 3rd, 2022 by

Creating a tablescape for the fall season can seem difficult at first. It’s a challenge to find the right combination of items that convey the cozy feeling of the season and also look great together. If you’re having trouble putting together the perfect tablescape or you just need a bit of inspiration, take a look at these tips from Hallstrom Home.

Keep It Simple

It’s really important not to overthink tablescape design. If you want a modern look, think clean lines with minimalist elements like gourds, cinnamon sticks, and softly scented candles. Avoid overpowering scents on your tablescape for two reasons: 1) Scents linger, and if you’re serving food near your tablescape, it’s inevitable that one will pick up the odor from the other. The resulting mismash of scents and flavors could potentially put a damper on a good time; 2) Some of your guests may be sensitive to strong smells. To ensure your guests have a good time, keep your tablescape simple.

Think in Layers

In the hit movie Shrek, the titular ogre told Donkey that he was like an onion: He had layers. That’s what you want to keep in mind when designing your tablescape. Use layered elements and varying textures in order to create a smart, eye-catching design. A taller centerpiece, like a vase filled with flowers or cuttings that feature fall colors, is also a way to make your tablescape stand out to your guests. And, of course, we urge everyone to use items they already have, or can easily find, so that no one is blowing their budget on decoration. One of the coolest tablescapes we’ve seen is one that used fall nuts and gourds, as well as decorative, crisply colored fall leaves atop silky fabric paired and layered with repurposed burlap.

A Homey Feeling

At the end of the day, your tablescape says a lot about the living space you want to present to the world. It’s a small, charming way to say “welcome to my home.” We encourage you to find cool and unique ways to showcase your personal home decorating style this fall.


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