How To Get The Kids Ready For Back To School

July 25th, 2022 by

back to school

It’s almost time for school to start. And when it comes to preparing for that all-important first day, preparation is key. There’s still plenty of time to get your kiddos, and yourself, ready to start the year off right. Here are some back-to-school tips.

Get Back Into a Routine

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for going back to school is to get into a regular routine. This includes nighttime rituals, early bedtimes, getting up with an alarm, picking out clothes, and eating a balanced breakfast. Not only will this help them get back into a rhythm, it’ll help you get a feel for what needs to be done each night and morning and how much time it will take.

Stock Up

In addition to the required supply list, make sure you have everything else your kids will need to start school. Check the condition of their backpacks and lunchboxes. Determine if you need any new lunch containers or water bottles. Keeping the budget in mind, consider letting them pick out a few things to help them get excited about the new year, like cool pens or a fun notebook.

Designate a Homework Area

Set aside a certain area where the kids will work on homework each night, and designate a time to do it. Make sure the area is free of clutter and distractions and that they have all the necessary supplies to get their work done.

Do Your Homework

Make sure you’ve read any information sent out by the school regarding the start of the year. Add any open house or meet-the-teacher events to your calendar. Note any altered start or dismissal times for the first few days. Fill out any forms that have to be sent in. Don’t wait until the night before the first day to see what needs to be done.

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Soak Up the Last Days of Summer

Finally, take advantage of the time you have left to enjoy the summer. Go on an outing. Take a last-minute road trip. Spend some time as a family reflecting on the highlights of your summer. It will seem like forever before it rolls around again.

We wish you and your family a successful and safe year!



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