Grub Down On A Bacon Burger At Grub Burger Bar

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Burger with beef and bacon

If you’ve been frequenting the same restaurants for a while, maybe it’s time to switch things up. Summers are for exploration after all. Give your taste buds a delicious adventure when you take a trip to one of the best burger joints in town — Grub Burger.  Grub Burger is a great option for lunch or dinner, whether you have time to sit down and enjoy a new restaurant or you’ll be grabbing your chow to go.

The Grub Burger Experience

Grub Burger has several locations scattered around the country and each location is a little different. The College Station location has a fun and fresh environment for patrons that is inviting for those who are enjoying a night out as well as families. The modern, upscale design and muted color pallet in the interior may bring to mind the feeling of relaxing in a lounge rather than your neighborhood burger joint. Hanging LED lights are scattered throughout the dining area which adds to the nightlife feeling of the restaurant, but it’s still a welcoming environment for families as well. You can grab a table, sit down with a few friends or family members, and enjoy good vibes and great eats.

The Grub Burger Menu

The Grub Burger Menu is, of course, dominated by thick, juicy burgers topped with sauces, condiments, cheeses, and fresh ingredients. The menu includes burger joint classics like the Bacon Love #9 which is topped by Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and secret sauce. In addition to the typical fare, Grub Burger also has a couple of unique burger creations that combine unexpected flavors. One such creation is the Mac ‘N’ Cheeseburger which is topped with macaroni and cheese and bacon. Another unique menu item is the Guacapotle burger. Chipotle aioli, pico de gallo, pepper jack cheese, and guacamole top this delicious burger, and if you want, you can add a side of queso.

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The Inclusive Side of The Menu

Not to leave anyone out, Grub Burger includes vegetarian and pescatarian options for those following an alternative dietary lifestyle. You can sub the beef patty on any burger with a grilled Beyond burger. You can also try their Wild Caught Salmon burger.

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