Keep Your Tires In Check With These Tips

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Checking tire pressure with pressure gauge

This season make sure that your tires are in tip-top shape by following these tips from WVDOT. Find out how to check your tires, keep up their lifespan, and do things you as a car owner can do for the upkeep of your tires. No matter if you need to know when to change your tires, how to maintain tire pressure, or how to know the tread on your tires, WVDOT’s tips are for you!

Car Factors

Do not overload your car, which is easier said than done when you have to pack up a whole family to travel. An overloaded car will cause your tires to overheat and apply pressure on your tires, a huge safety risk. Check the weight your car can handle before loading up with suitcases, coolers, and people.

Tire Upkeep

Checking your tire pressure before you set out is helpful. Check with a gauge before you drive and once a month. You should also trust the pressure indicator in your vehicle since they do know best. Inspect each tire before you get in your car. Check for wear or anything stuck in your tires or if your tires are uneven.

You should rotate your tires every 5000 to 6000 miles. This will help prevent the uneven wearing of your tires, especially because you should rotate your front tires to the back. If your tire is blown or punctured, you need to change your tire right away. You should try to find a tire that is of the same brand, tire tread, and size as your other tires.

Your tires should be the size recommended for your car. Check the size of the tire recommended for your car before buying any new tires since the wrong size can be detrimental to your car. A good way to check in on your tires’ lifespan is with the penny test to check the tread. Take a penny and place it in the tread groove. If you can see Lincoln’s head, you need new tires. If you cannot, your tires are good for a bit longer!

Be Prepared

You can never be too prepared and one way to be prepared is to ensure that you have your spare tire. Another way to be prepared is to have a tire gauge in your car as well. The tool will help you put more air in your tire and is easily found at any automotive store.

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Being Weather Aware

A big cause of wrecks is rainy weather, and it is not even the fault of the rain. Often, drivers do not take rain as seriously as they should. A good way to keep your tires in tip-top shape and you safe is to drive slowly during bad weather.

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