Presidents Award

President's Award Criteria

President's Award Criteria To qualify for the 2018 President's Award, your dealership must achieve all the following criteria:

  • Sales - Dealership must achieve one of the following sales criteria:  Criterion 1 - Achieve a minimum of 100 percent of the dealership's new-vehicle sales and achieve a YTD retail sales effectiveness (RSE) that is average or above average.  Criterion 2 - Achieve a YTD retail sales effectiveness (RSE) of 30 or higher as of October 31, 2017. 

  • Vehicle Condition Index (VCI) - Dealership must achieve a minimum YTD score of 97

  • Customer Service Experience (CSE) E-Survey - Dealership must achieve a minimum YTD score of 91 

  • Service Retention - Dealership must be average or above.  Service retention is determined by comparing a dealership's actual active units in operation (UIO) to the dealership's expected active UIO. 

  • Brand Representation (Image-Approved) - Dealership must be Image-Approved, as determined unanimously by the zone management team. 

  • President's Award winner - Dealership must achieve all program criteria.

  • A dealership that has repeat DMA fund suspensions over a two-year (calendar-year) period may be disqualified from the President's Award program at the discretion of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 

  • A dealership that violates the Survey Integrity Policy may be subject to disqualification. 

  • A dealership that does not supply customer pay repair order (CPRO) data through the Honda Service Reminder System or a Honda Data Extraction Agreement is not eligible to receive the President's Award. Complete details can be found in the HPN-091 Marketing Bulletin.